Board Nominations

World IA Day is accepting nominations through July 6 for the 2020-2021 Board of Directors
The nomination process is designed to identify, encourage, and enlist the active participation of dedicated individuals in the Information Architecture community at the leadership level.
World IA Day is dedicated to empowering leadership. Getting involved is the first step in being a leader.

Selection criteria

We are looking for people who have the following characteristics:
  • has experience of at least one year organizing a World IA Day event
  • has diversity indicators, e.g. geographic location, language, gender, ethnicity, experience, socioeconomic
  • has skills, talents, and areas of special expertise
  • has capacity to contribute time, effort, and/or funds
  • has passion for furthering the awareness of information architecture
  • has enthusiasm for advancing the mission of World IA Day the organization
  • is assertive and positive, conducive to moving forward, getting things done

Join the executive board

Members of the WIAD Board are nominated from the community. The board defines the strategic vision and establishes the roadmap with local organizers, committee leads, and the community-at-large.
  • President
  • Global Executive Producer, 2023
  • Director of Publications
  • Director of Events
  • Director of Social Media