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How can you get involved? How would you advance to leadership roles at World IA Day?
Besides getting involved at the local level and organizing World IA Day events, you can also get involved by showing initiative and leadership at one of the various World IA Day committees

What are committees?

  • may be permanent -- e.g. Events. Committees tend to be created by those with high context but low capacity for action (such as officers or directors) as committee chairs and recruit contributors who are able to volunteer/act as stewards.
  • may be temporary -- "task force" committees for certain purpose- may be subcommittees. For instance, a task force may be created to handle a certain/specific CoC incident
Chair commitments last about a year with the ability to advance to the Board.
Tenative organizational model

What committees can I join?

Warning: This is experimental territory. Expect this to be updated frequently.
  • Finance & Development
  • Community & Events -- local events that take place in Feb
    • application process (task force)
    • develop and maintain organizer toolkit for each year (task force)
    • welcome/intro video (task force)
    • organizer store
  • Publications & Communications (Social media, Website)
    • Social media
    • Website
    • Medium
  • Safety & Conduct
  • Education
    1. 1.
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