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Community & Events

Current Members
  • Andrew Jung, Director
  • Effie Sharon Sinena, GEP 2022
  • Wendyl Chan, Social Media Director
  • Grace Lau

Committee Members

Global Executive Producer

The Global Executive Producer serves as the Chair of the World IA Day global event team.
  • seek out and establish relationships for new locations
  • oversee the review of WIAD location applications and selection
  • coordination of planning and implementation efforts of WIAD events
  • work with local organizers over the year to track event planning progress

Desired qualifications

  • 1 year commitment with the expectation that they may continue on as the Director of Events

Social Media Director/Team

  • Manage the @worldiaday accounts on Twitter, Instagram, Facebook, and LinkedIn
  • Respond to messages and questions on those platforms
  • Track, post, and retweet relevant content several times a week
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