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Publications & Communications

All the content for WIAD publications and communications
The function of the Content committee shall be to make recommendations on current and innovative plans and policies on the management, initiation, or discontinuance of publications, social media channels, and information platforms. It shall appoint editors, writers, or moderators.
Properties covered under this committee include:
  • Social media platforms:
    • Twitter
    • LinkedIn
    • Facebook
    • Instagram
    • YouTube
  • Publication
    • Medium
    • website
  • Online communities
    • Discord
    • Slack no longer active as of July 2020

Task Forces

  • Support and maintenance -- content creation, content strategy for featured talks and related content
  • Accessibility
  • Archives - maintenance of the IAI archive, resource library, WIAD talks, mailing list, research requests

Committee Members

Anita Cheng
Grace Lau
Social media
Wendyl Chan
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