So you want to get involved with World Information Architecture Day...

Governance, bylaws, committees, and ways to get involved

World Information Architecture Day is a 501(c)(3) non-profit organization dedicated to growing awareness of the discipline of information architecture while promoting social responsibility among practitioners.

The volunteers behind World IA Day include the executive board, the Global Board of Directors, and committees. World IA Day is committed to empowering local communities and leaders who share the common goal of teaching, learning, and shaping the future of Information Architecture.

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World IA Day was first established in 2012 as a one-day annual event held in dozens of locations across the world and hosted by the Information Architecture Institute (IA Institute). In September 2019, the Board of Directors of the IA Institute voted unanimously to dissolve the organization as a 501(c)(6) professional board of trade. With no fiscal host, World IA Day needed a way to continue to exist. A founding board for World IA Day, Inc. was selected for the sole purpose of establishing a charitable nonprofit organization and to provide fiscal support for the 2020 event to continue.

Shortly after World IA Day, Inc. is designated as a public charity, section 501(c)(3) of the United States Internal Revenue Code, the founding Board will act in accordance with section 3.2 of the bylaws working in a collaborative and transparent manner to establish policies and procedures for all future Board of Director elections and appointments.

This guidebook outlines the Bylaws and the roles and responsibilities for committees. This also defines ways for anyone to get involved with World IA Day at various levels.

Get involved

Have questions or concerns?

Join the Board of Directors

Members of the WIAD Board are nominated from the community. The board defines the strategic vision and establishes the roadmap with local organizers, committee leads, and the community-at-large.

Be a regional director or local affiliate

If you're part of a local meetup, consider becoming a local affiliate to continue the conversation locally. This won't require you to lose your identity as a local meetup. If you organized a local World IA Day event, then you're considered an affiliate.

Learn about the regional director role.

Volunteer to be a regional director

Find a committee or task force

Each committee has a specific purpose. Each committee may have special task force groups to implement the work of the committee.