About the Global Board of Directors

World IA Day's board of directors is elected by the community organizers. These volunteers play a strategic role in determining the mission and direction of World IA Day, ensuring that the organization continues to operate in support of its mission and driving principles.



Related Committees

Grace Lau


  • Governance (lead)

  • Safety & Conduct (member)

Andrea Rosenbusch


  • Governance (member)

Celeste Espinoza

Director of Development,

acting Treasurer

  • Finance & Development (lead)

  • Scholarships (member)

Anita Cheng

Director of Operations,

acting Secretary

  • Content

  • Safety & Conduct (member)

Krispian Emert

Director, Education

  • Scholarships

  • Mentorships

Andrew Jung

Director, Community & Events

  • Community & Events (lead)

  • Education (member)

Asha Singh

Director, Partnerships

  • Finance & Development (member)

  • Partnerships (lead)

  • Community & Events (member)

Alysson Franklin

Regional Director, Latin America

  • Community & Events (member)

Mark Wolfe

Regional Director, North America

  • Community & Events (member)

Sam Ashlee

Director, Accessibility

  • Community & Events (member)