The WIAD website

Our website ( is promoted as the go-to resource to find information about all of our celebrations around the world.

Participating World IA Day locations have a dedicated location and corresponding event page on our website to provide information about their celebration. We ask that you keep your event page up-to-date leading up to your celebration and be sure to provide links to content after it concludes. This is very important to us because it helps our celebration in the following ways:

  • It provides a historical reference for your location. Starting in 2018, each year we add a new layer of events to each location so that information from past celebrations can still be viewed (ie{location}/{year}). Keeping your event pages up-to-date helps us capture the history of your celebration from year to year. It can also serve as a good historical reference should a new organizer host a celebration in your location in subsequent years.

  • It helps us provide value to our global sponsors. Each year we are responsible for reporting performance metrics to our global sponsors. The ability to provide valuable information to our sponsors will increase the probability of support in the following year. The more people come to your location’s page, the more brand exposure our sponsors get; which is a very good thing.

  • It helps people find information about your celebration. Each year we connect volunteers, sponsors, and attendees to locations through our website. Our website is one of the best resources to market your celebration to the world. We provide links to your registration page, live-stream feed, and more.

Over the years, various global teams have begun work to model the WIAD website to be more flexible and scalable. It was not until 2018, with the funding and support from The Understanding Group, LA DIA Design, and various volunteers, that we have been able to completely re-architect the World IA Day website to reflect best practices and good principles of information architecture and design thinking.

The underlying structure of the WIAD is modeled through interviews with founding advisors, new and repeat local organizers in 2018, and subject matter experts in structured data and information architecture. It provides a foundational structure from which we can continue our work to expand and include the content archive and create a historical reference for years to come.

More information about the redesign is planned to be documented at (

A Word About Our Website

Each World IA Day location has a dedicated page on our website. When we launch our website, each location page will have a basic description and organizers are responsible for updating and maintaining event page content. This document includes steps to guide you through accessing your event page, modifying page content, as well as a few recommendations around keeping your online presence accessible.

We are working towards establishing a strong brand for World IA Day. Based on results from a 2017 survey, we decided to keep our current brand intact and move forward with a strategy to create a more unified online presence. All locations should have an official email address and Twitter account this year. We ask that these accounts be utilized and to consider our Brand Guidelines when creating relevant content for your celebration.

We ask that you review our WIAD Guidelines and follow them when creating your event page, as well as any other online presence used to provide information about your celebration. It is important that the World IA Day brand is represented consistently so that we can continue to attract new and provide value to existing sponsors who help make our event possible.

We still have plans to improve the site further and feel we are off to a good start. From our guidebook to content archiving, we have a plan to move towards a solution that will better serve our organization as a whole. Check out the WIAD Development Roadmap

Meanwhile, to suggest a feature or report a bug, use the Support Request (Google Form).

When working with your Event page, or our website in general, we would love your feedback. It helps us ensure we are moving in the right direction. If you like the way something works, are frustrated by it, or have an idea to improve something, let us know. We value your opinion and encourage you to share your thoughts: [email protected]