Your event page

You have a location and event page on, where other WIAD locations and the larger WIAD community can find out about your event.

Setting Up Your Event Page

The following instructions will get you started. If you have any questions or need help, please reach out us: [email protected]

1. Sign into our website:

Go to

  • The username will be your location email address (no spaces and all lowercase as shown).

  • The password for each account is randomly generated and is sent to you via email from [email protected]

  • For security purposes, you may be forced to change your password the first time you log in.

The username and password have already been created for you and should be in your Welcome Toolkit email. Look for:

The email address associated with the website is the official WIAD email address. If you did not receive this, check your WIAD email in case the email forwarding was activated after the fact.

When you login, you are directed to the user account page. Do NOT edit this. This page will never be seen by other people.

Note: Every location has 1 (one) user account to log into the website. You will have access to edit your event page only. Credentials for logging into the website can be shared with others on the team.

2. Navigate to your Event page:

  1. Click “Events” in the site menu

  2. Find your Location within the list and click on it. You will arrive at the location detail page that lists all the years that location has hosted a WIAD celebration.

  3. Select the Event/Year. You will arrive at the Event detail page where you will be able to manage the information about the event.

  4. Click “Edit” on your Event page and you’ll get to update the event content.

We have added basic information to your page to get you started.

Things you can do:

  • Update date and time The date and time is displayed on the Location page at this time. There is an issue created to update the Event Detail page design to have this information surfaced on the page.

  • Add link for live streaming This adds a button the Event detail page to the live streaming url.

  • Add registration link Common event registration platforms include Eventbrite and Tito.

  • Add link for Sponsor This may link to a webform or a link to a presentation saved on Google Drive, Dropbox, etc., You may even want to link to a PayPal donation link (see Accepting money from sponsors).

  • Add link for Volunteer This may link to a Google Form or to an email address.

  • Update Lead-In Usually some kind of overview of how you envision the event and your event’s perspective on the global theme.

  • Include venue, parking and transit Provide instructions on how to access the venue and what the parking options are. Be sure to include accessible instructions for someone finding the venue for the first time. Refer to Find a Venue for resources.

  • Update your program or schedule Provide a general overview if you want the “Program/Schedule” heading to display.

    • Add session details. If you break your event into different time periods or talks, you can add structure by adding a session detail for each time period or talk.

    • If you have videos for these at a later point, they can be linked to the WIAD Talks archive as well.

  • Add speakers and presenters These link to Biography pages. Be sure to search for existing speakers before adding a new one.

  • Update the local organisers These link to Biography pages.

  • Manage your local team These link to Biography pages.

  • Include Local Partners and Sponsors information This section is being updated so that you have more flexibility around how partners and sponsors are being displayed on the page. You’ll be able to include subheadings as well as descriptions for the sponsors.

3. Save and publish:

At the bottom of your Event page [when in edit mode], there is a Save button that will publish changes in real-time on the website.