WIAD 2024

Choose your event format

Informal Gathering

In areas where information architecture may not be well known, you may want to consider celebrating World IA Day as a small informal gathering of people interested in learning, sharing ideas and having conversations centered around our global theme. Building a community takes time and we consider celebrations of any size to be successful.

Design Slam (Hack-a-thon)

Hosting a celebration that focuses on using IA to bring structure and clarity to a problem in your community is another format we have seen locations use successfully. This type of celebration not only brings people together to do something great in your community, it can also help bring awareness and exposure to how information architecture plays an important role in everything we design.


Locations who have larger IA communities often structure their celebrations as full or half-day conferences. Scheduling a half day conference can help eliminate some expenses such as lunch, afternoon coffee, tea, and snacks.
If you are thinking about offering a free full day conference, consider selecting a venue that is flexible, and consider creative solutions like hiring food trucks so attendees have the option to buy their own lunch without leaving the venue.