WIAD 2024

Understanding audio & visual capabilities

Determine what audio / visual needs you might have and whether the venue has a built-in system you can leverage or if you will need to rent and setup your own equipment.

Built-In Systems

Audio and visual configuration and recording setup is often done in collaboration with the venue. It is likely the venue will have a dedicated person on staff to assist with setup, testing and day-of support. Be sure to include this support when negotiating use of the venue.

Renting Equipment

If you need to rent and setup your own equipment, it would be wise to plan for a rehearsal before the celebration to ensure everything is working as expected. If you intend to do this the day before your celebration, you may want to ask whether you can safely leave the equipment in place overnight or if there is a safe place to store it on-site for easy retrieval the day of your celebration.

Hiring a Vendor

If you plan to hire someone to film or stream your celebration. You may want to schedule a walk-through of the venue so that the vendor can become familiar with how the day will flow, determine the equipment available and what they may need to bring.
Based on the size of your celebration, the equipment needed will vary. Below is a basic list denoting what is needed for a celebration that is recorded and/or streamed:


  • Computers (Laptops)
  • Sound Equipment
    • audio speakers
    • amplifier
    • microphones
    • mixer / soundboard
  • Cords (HDMI)
  • Streaming
    • audio / video encoder
    • streaming service: Livestream, Ustream, etc.)
  • Projector & Screen (don’t forget the remote and batteries!)
  • Storage for recording
TIP: For more information, review our A/V Setup Guide.