Get Started

Rough outline of how to get started with planning a WIAD local event

If you need help explaining IA, read Selling Information Architecture by Abby Covert

In-person Events
Hybrid Events
Virtual Events
In-person Events
Hybrid Events

Hybrid events consider both in-person amenities and online audiences. You might want to consider having volunteers dedicated to in-person and remote attendee experiences.

Virtual Events

Virtual events follow a similar timeline. Without needing a venue to host your event, your costs and timeline are much simpler.


  • Marketing

  • Event platform

  • A/V production


  • August

    • Build a team

  • September

    • Call for speakers

  • October - November

    • Look for and secure sponsors

  • December - February

    • Finalize speakers, sponsors, and event plaform

  • February

    • Event happens

  • March

    • Video production


For questions specifically related to team structures, please contact us at: [email protected]