WIAD 2024

Building your team

World IA Day celebrations are most successful when there is a team of committed volunteers to share planning responsibilities. This document offers ideas to help you recruit your team and breaks down these responsibilities into roles that help make the celebration planning more manageable.

Call for Volunteers

Social media is always a good way to recruit volunteers for your leadership team. We will make every effort to retweet, like, and share your call with our followers. Just be sure to mention @worldiaday or let us know. We are happy to help!
Many of our communities have local IA or UX meetups and gatherings. Don’t be shy. Reach out to the organizers of these events and see if they will help you get the word out. Often times they are community-minded people who are happy to help. Building relationships with these organizers can also help down the road when it is time to start marketing your celebration to the community. If they are willing to help, be sure to return the favor by promoting their events whenever possible.
If you do not have any local IA or UX meetups in your area, reach out to web development, business analyst, entrepreneur, and project management groups too. These professionals can benefit from attending a Word IA Day celebration!
If you need help explaining IA, read Selling Information Architecture by Abby Covert

Suggested Team Roles and Responsibilities

Depending on the size of your event, all or some of these roles and responsibilities may shift. This list provides a general outline. Consider how your event size might impact your location’s needs and recruit your team accordingly.

Local Organizer - that’s you!

  • Delegates all the necessary tasks
  • Sets the program agenda
  • Provides support and guidance to team members
  • Answers emails and participate in check-in surveys from the global board
  • Recruits presenters/speakers
  • Oversees registration, sponsorship, venue, budget, etc.
  • Determines from where refreshments and food should be ordered.
  • Gets quotes from vendors and negotiates best price (food, printing, etc.)
  • Picks up other roles’ responsibilities, if necessary

Local Advisor(s)

  • Provides strategic direction for theme, suggesting presenters and content, and helping recruit volunteer team
  • Works with Lead organizer to review presentation outlines and content if needed

Program Manager

  • Schedules team meetings
  • Ensures team is meeting deadlines
  • Verifies leaders are updating their task status
  • Identifies any potential red flags

Sponsorship Coordinator

  • Contacts and follows-up with potential sponsors.
  • Handles the logistics of sponsor tables at the event.
  • Works closely with Producer, Venue Director, and Finance Director.
  • Collects money
  • Collects sponsor give-a-ways to attendees (and handles day-of raffles / give-a-ways)
  • Creates and sends thank you notes

Venue Coordinator

  • Works closely with the Event Producer to identify and evaluate event locations.
  • Identifies venues for the event.
  • Coordinates venue logistics and ensures proper setup and breakdown.

Social Media Manager

  • Creates a timeline for social media activity
  • Manages social media accounts – Twitter, Instagram, Google+, LinkedIn, Facebook
  • Posts to multiple social media channels frequently.
  • Ensures compliance with the minimum number of social media messages per sponsorship level.

Registration / Setup / Breakdown Crew

  • 5-7 people depending on the size of your event
  • Set-up and breakdown tables, chairs, signage, etc.
  • Provide friendly greeting to attendees.
  • Set-up registration table and check-in attendees, volunteers, sponsors, and presenters.
  • Communicate instructions to attendees about the day’s schedule, venue general session, restroom locations and answer questions.
  • Make sure everyone has a nametag and non-registered information is collected.
  • Set-up an IAI signup table and help attendees become new members.
  • Help with Food and Beverage setup.
  • Assist with posting and collecting venue signage.

Visual designer

  • Event Agenda
  • Give-a-ways
  • Signage
  • Directionals
  • Sponsor Banners

Audio / Video Coordinator

  • Work with closely with venue coordinator to make sure all the A/V needs of the event are met. 
  • Work with closely with venue AV to coordinate setup and run-through.
  • Manage venue equipment list and identify additional AV needs (we will provide a sample gear and cable list to get you started).
  • Coordinate tech run-through for soundcheck and presentation run-through.
  • Manage audio and video recording and live-streaming (if location opts to do streaming)
  • Post recordings after the event (global board will provide a place for this content)


  • Photograph the behind-the-scenes moments of your planning
  • Photograph presenters, sponsors, and attendees
  • Post photos after the event (we will provide a place for this content).

Accessibility Point Person

  • Registration should include a question about accessibility: “Do you have any special requirements we need to consider? If you do, please tell us what they are so we can best accommodate you.” Watch registration closely for any special needs (which can include special diets).
  • Work with venue director to ensure wheelchair accessibility, other mobility considerations.
  • Work with presenters to ensure they are aware of any special needs.


For questions specifically related to team structures, please contact us at [email protected].