Event rules

These rules are non-negotiable and mandatory for all event organizers

World IA Day is a global event that is organized by hundreds of people all over the world. To make sure our brand is not diluted, we have some ground rules in place.

Event basics

Introduction video:

  • The official WIAD introduction video must be played at the beginning of your event so that the audience understands the global theme and feels the global connection of the WIAD community


  • Up to 200 people may attend your event. WIAD is not meant to be a regional conference. Limiting attendance may be one way to keep the scale and community manageable.

Broadcasting your event:

  • WIAD talks and events cannot be broadcast on television or on-demand TV.

Cost of streaming content:

  • Live stream content and videos must be free to viewers.

Talk content

  • Speaker content guidelines??

Organizer basics


  • World IA Day expects the local organizer to be the primary organizer of a local WIAD event. If this is found to not be the case, WIAD reserves the right to revoke or not review a location application.

Event location

  • WIAD allows one location-based event per applicant.

  • You must live in the city for which you are applying

Branding and naming

Location name

  • Because WIAD events exist to serve their communities, each event is named after its unique location -- such as a city, neighborhood or metropolitan area

WIAD brand positioning

  • Make clear in all communications that your event is a World IA Day event

  • Make clear that you are a local WIAD organizer, not an employee of World IA Day.

WIAD logo

Sponsors and funding

  • Not for profit event:

    • WIAD is a volunteer endeavor

    • You may not use WIAD to make money

    • You may not use your event to raise funds for charities or other organizations.

  • Admission:

    • You may charge an attendance fee for a WIAD event, but tickets can be no more than $50 USD and should go towards event and operating costs.

Web and social

Website homepage:

Your local WIAD website's homepage must include the following:

  • A visible link to the global WIAD website

  • Language that describes WIAD

    • What is WIAD?

Website content:

Your local WIAD website needs to include:

  • information about your speakers

  • a description about your venue

  • the date and time of your event

  • an "About WIAD" page and language about the volunteer team that's organizing the local WIAD event

Sponsors on event social media:

  • You can mention a sponsor’s specific contribution to your event in your social media channels, including Twitter, Facebook and Instagram, by tagging their social media accounts, using their hashtag or including their organization name in an image caption.

  • You or your sponsor can produce a video about the sponsor’s contribution to your event, to be shared on your or the sponsor’s social media channels. This must be produced with your approval of the way your collaboration is presented.

  • You cannot share sponsor content that is unrelated to your WIAD event, e.g. a sponsor’s marketing campaign, product announcements, etc.

  • You cannot post a sponsor logo (or logos) on its own, but logos may be included if visible in an event photo or other creative material.

Email list:

  • Never use your email list for any purpose other than communicating information specifically about your WIAD event.

Uploading talks

Sponsor logos on videos:

  • The sponsor logos must appear smaller than your WIAD event’s logo. Sponsor logos may only be shown on a single slide at the beginning and end of each edited video. The sponsor slide should be a static slide, no moving graphics or commercials are allowed. Do not feature rolling credits.

  • If you have multiple sponsors, you must feature all of their logos on the one slide. You may not feature different sponsor logos on different videos.

  • Video and production companies cannot be credited on the sponsor slide or anywhere else in the video. They may be credited in the description of the video.