Global Board of Directors

Roles and accountabilities for the World IA Day Global Board

The Global team is available every step of the way to provide you with an excellent organizer experience. Each year, we build on the successes of people who held these positions previously and work to continuously improve the level of support we provide for location organizers worldwide.

We hope that you will reach out to us anytime you have questions, need help, or just want to give us feedback or make suggestions. We are here for you!

You can send us a message through our World IA Day Discord community or reach out directly at: [email protected].

Global Executive Producer

The Global Executive Producer manages the World IA Day event planning team. This position brings with it the responsibility of maintaining a holistic vision of the celebration and serving as a point of contact for location organizers worldwide.

Contact :

  • Effie Sharon Sinena, WIAD22 (August 2021 - present)

  • If you email [email protected], you will reach Sharon, Andrew, and Grace.

Previously :


Advisors guide our team through mentoring as we define our goals and move towards achieving them in an effort to support our locations and grow information architecture communities around the world.

Abby Covert - @abby_the_ia

Abby prides herself on being an active organizer and mentor within the design community. She holds credit for inventing World Information Architecture Day.

Dan Klyn - @danklyn

Dan was the president of the IA Institute from 2016-2018. He holds credit as co-founder of World Information Architecture Day and as the co-founder of an information architecture consulting company called The Understanding Group (TUG).

Global Board of Directors

World IA Day, Inc. is available as a fiscal sponsor for locations that need a legal entity to hold funds and generate invoices and receipts for vendors and sponsors. Information pertaining to why a new legal entity was needed can be found in the About World IA Day Inc. section of this guide.

See the most recent list of people on the global board of directors.

Accessibility Advisor

The Accessibility Director serves as an expert consultant to guide us in identifying best practices for increasing accessibility support within our organization and communicating best practices to our locations. Through contact with national organizations and peer institutions, this person leads efforts to address issues of accessibility ensuring we keep it in mind from the start.


Previously :

  • Whitney Quesenbery, (2015-2017)

A/V Director

The A/V Director provides direction and assistance to AV volunteers in each location to help guide them during discovery and implementation of audio and video recording, as well as live-streaming events.

Contact :

Previously :

  • Vanessa Myho Makiyama, (2019-2020)

  • Simon Arraj, (2017-2018)

  • Chris Bovard (2015-2017)


The director for Education provides direction for education initiatives such as research projects and mentorship. This person helps to coordinate volunteer and internship opportunities and plans for educational partnerships and artifacts that can be shared in the community worldwide.

Contact: [email protected]


  • Rupa Misra (2020-present)

  • Krispian Emert (2019-present)

Social Media Director

The Social Media Director manages the global World IA Day social properties and creates a schedule for posts on all channels. This person helps us to determine how we can expand social communication and promote our celebrations worldwide.

Contact :

Currently :

Previously :

  • Vanessa Myho Makiyama, (2019-2020)

  • Chériana Griggs, (2017-2018)


The Webmaster is a team of people responsible for working with the World IA Day Director of Operations. This person helps to lead research efforts for designing the website, determine the content strategy, and manage content management efforts.

Contact :

Currently :

  • Andrew Jung, (2019-2020)

Previously :

  • Grace Lau, (2018-2019)

Regional Directors

Regional Directors for World IA Day are instrumental in making sure that our celebration is scalable and each location is getting the attention it needs and deserves. They focus on nurturing new locations in their assigned region and act as a liaison between the local organizers and the global executive producer, answering questions as they arise and directing local organizers to the correct team member for assistance when needed.

In addition to having past experience as local organizers, regional directors are in a closer time-zone proximity to their local organizers.


A region including India, East Asia, Southeast Asia


  • Shashank Manda, (2017-2018)

  • Vasu Kolla, (2016-2017)

Europe, Middle East, and Africa



  • Evgeni Minchev, (2015-2016)

Latin America

A region including Mexico, Central America, South America


Previously :

  • Eugenio Monforte, (2018-2020)

  • José René Gutiérrez, (2017-2018)

North America

A region including Canada and the United States


  • Simon Catford, (2017-2018)

  • Stuart Maxwell, (2016-2017) for West

  • Sam Raddatz, (2015-2016) for East