Emergency funding

The World IA Day Emergency Fund serves to help locations who have encountered significant hardship that are unexpected, not planned for, and or unable to be resolved by any other means.

Emergency funding is not available for 2019-2020

The World IA Day Emergency Fund serves to help locations who have encountered significant hardship. This hardship may include things like a venue sponsor dropping out at the last minute, or the location receiving last-minute notice that a hearing-impaired participant will need a translator for the event. Requests for help should be limited to financial burdens that are:

  • Unexpected

  • Not planned for

  • Unable to be resolved by other means

We want every location to be successful and believe strongly that you will be! We also know from experience that sometimes unexpected and expensive issues arise. This fund is meant as a way to make sure that no location has to cancel or face individual financial burden because of unexpected issues.

How can I request funds?

First, please tell us in advance if you are struggling! The global team is here to help you problem-solve, troubleshoot, and find the best path forward. The earlier you can raise issues with us, the more successful we can be in helping you find the right solution.

If you encounter an issue that creates significant hardship, please submit a request using our form. We will reach out to you to understand the issue and how best we can help. Our timeline for reviewing and allocating funds is as follows:

  • Open to requests: December

  • Request reviews: December - January 31st

  • Final determination: First week in February

We will allocate funds on a case-by-case basis and our decisions will be based on priority of need. While we can’t guarantee funds, we will work with you closely to find the right solution for your location.

What else can I do if I need financial help?

The goal for World IA Day is to connect communities - this means that local sponsorship is your very best bet to both having a financially successful celebration and gaining community involvement. If you need help with who to reach out to or how to talk to them, please let us know.

We also urge you to be strategic in how you think about your celebration - although some locations have large celebrations with large budgets, we’ve had successful celebrations with as few as 30 people and budgets under $500 USD. If local sponsorship dollars are hard to come by in your location, consider scaling back your celebration or even creating an informal gathering. World IA Day is not a typical celebration and we believe any celebration of any size is a successful one.

As always, please reach out to anyone on the global team (global@worldiaday.org) if you need help.

What information do I need to prepare to request funds?

Emergency funding requests are not being accepted at this time.

You will need to answer the following questions:

  • Your Location

  • Your Name

  • How much are you requesting?

  • What will this amount be used for?

  • Tell us how this issue creates significant hardship for your event.

  • What other steps have you taken to try to resolve this issue?

  • Please give us an overview of your full event budget.

  • Is there anything else we should know about your request?

  • As a recipient of a World IA Day emergency grant, you agree to share financial details of your event, including receipts of grant spending, to the World IA Day Global Team, if requested.

Submit a request at: https://airtable.com/shrReKlEkUGbF0M03

What are considered qualified expenses

Not Qualified Expenses

  • Food costs

  • Beverage costs

  • Gifts for speakers

  • Gifts for volunteers

  • Printing costs

  • Swag or gifts for attendees

  • Transportation costs

Qualified Expenses

  • Insurance costs

  • Real-time captioning or CART services

  • Sign language interpretation