Submitting expenses

To submit an expense

Go to the local collective you're submitting an expense for and click "Submit Expense". You will need to upload a receipt or invoice and provide your contact details and PayPal or Venmo username.

You can submit two kinds of expenses:

  • A receipt to be reimbursed for something you already paid for.

  • An invoice

    • to be paid directly to the vendor

    • if you don't have a receipt

Here is an invoice template you can use. Fill out all the yellow highlighted parts and include the PayPal donation link if needed (from the WIAD treasurer).

In order to be paid, submitted expenses must be approved by the Collective's core contributors (admins such as the WIAD treasurer), who ensure valid and approved use of the local Collective's funds.

Expense documentation requirements

A valid invoice must include:

  • What it is for (itemized list of items, goods, or services)

  • Total amount to be paid

  • Your full name

  • Your physical address

  • The name of the Collective (World IA Day Location)

  • The name of the fiscal host (World IA Day, Inc)

Private information provided on invoices is not viewable publicly. The expense amount will be listed on the Collective page, but the invoice and notes are only visible to the host and core contributors.

A valid receipt must include:

  1. Name of vendor (person or company you paid)

  2. Transaction date (when you paid)

  3. Detailed description of goods or services provided/purchased (what you bought)

  4. Total amount paid

  5. Form of payment (cash, check, or last four digitals of credit card)

Private information provided on receipts is not viewable publicly. Same with invoices, the expense amount will be listed on the Collective page.

Expense comments

Comments on expenses are the best way to add information, check the status, or ask questions. If you comment on an expense, the submitter, core contributor, and fiscal host admin will be notified.

Common uses for expense comments:

  • Clarifying or adding details about the expense, to help others understand why it's legitimate or what it was for

  • Requesting missing documentation (like a receipt or tax form)

  • Following up if an expense has not been paid for a while

  • Thanking the submitter for the work they did

Managing your budget

Using Open Collective keeps our budgets transparent, where all transactions are automatically reported. Anyone can see where money comes from and what/where it's spent on.


Private information is hidden. For example, email addresses and attachments (which may contain personal information).

The expenses view shows what the Collective has spent money on. You can see individual expenses and the top categories and people the budget has gone toward.

For more instructions: see