WIAD 2024

Things to do after the event

In this chapter
  • Post-Celebration Reminders
  • Share your content
  • Participate in our post-WIAD Survey
  • If you don’t plan to organize again…

Post-Celebration Reminders

You have worked so hard to plan and execute a successful celebration and we congratulate you! You and your team have done an amazing job. We cannot begin to express our gratitude for all of your hard work and dedication to bring World IA Day to your community. We thank you from the deepest depths of our heart and have enjoyed serving you on your planning journey.
We would be honored to work with you again next year but understand if you decide to pass the torch to another local leader.
In either case, we kindly ask for your cooperation with the items below.

Share your content

If your speakers and presenters agree to post their content publicly, we encourage you to publish links to slides and videos as well as your celebration photos.
We would really love for you to add your content links to our shared spreadsheet https://airtable.com/shr9BOBE8SRLmNHxY.
Here are a few other ways to share too:
  • Upload your content to YouTube, Vimeo, Flickr or any other place where the public can gain access.
  • Post links in the message area of your location page
  • Add a playlist on our global YouTube page (for help, review the 2015 toolkit for post-production).
  • Distribute links to slides, videos and photo collections through your social media accounts.
  • Support other locations by retweeting their posts too.

Participate in our post-WIAD survey

Each year after our celebration concludes, we send all of our organizers one last survey. We kindly ask for your support and participation in a final post-celebration survey. We take your feedback very seriously and your responses help us strengthen and improve our celebration as we continue to grow. Survey link will be distributed in the days following our celebration.

If you don’t plan to organize again…

We are sad to see you go but thank you for your hard work and dedication to bring World IA Day to your location this year.
We kindly ask that you provide us with your login credentials to any social media platforms you used, such as Twitter, Instagram, Facebook, etc. so that if someone else in your community steps up to organize they can leverage the momentum you have built.
Please contact us directly with this information by sending an email to [email protected]