Event Structure
What to expect for WIAD21 - local and global programming
WIAD21 as a digital-first event allows new opportunities for international collaboration. However, this should not compromise the local character of the single events or create competition between them. We have elaborated a model that we think takes both requirements into account.
  • On the international level, it includes regional roundtable discussions and a content repository that includes a global keynote.
  • On the local level, the events remain independent and free to cater to their communities in the way they consider is best.

Main components of the event

  1. 1.
    Regional roundtable and pre-events leading up to Saturday
    • Facilitated roundtable discussions on the topic: “Value of IA” -- in collaboration with the IA Roundtable theme for the year. We are planning 3 events at designated times favorable for the Americas, Europe and Asia-Pacific on different days (Wednesday-Friday).
  2. 2.
    Main local events on or around Saturday, February 27
    • Locations will organize their event for their own community. There will be at least one pre-recorded talk made available to all,, including translations. This is Cassini Nazir’s global keynote on curiosity. Also, there will be a live Q&A with Cassini at 10 am and 5 pm EST.
    • The global board is currently evaluating tools for broadcasting the events and striving to get a global licence to minimize the burden of local organizers.
  3. 3.
    Post-event GALA
    • Weeks or months later -- The global team may opt to host a global event to feature “best of” talks and sessions from local events. This can be decided at a later time.


How might this look like in your location? Here are some suggestions, none of which is required.
You can:
  • host your event on the event platform
  • use your own ticketing system to manage payment and attendee registration
  • invite your attendees to participate in one of the pre-events
  • put together your own program with local and/or international speakers in the language(s) of your choice
  • include a recording of the global keynote in your program
  • have a local discussion of the global keynote and/or participate in one of the global Q&As of the keynote
  • play past year content that is relevant to curiosity
  • pre-record one or more talks in your program and make them available to other locations in advance via the global repository
If you want to start small, you could invite one local speaker, play the global keynote, organize a discussion on it and/or participate in the global Q&A of the keynote.
If you are preparing a full-fledged conference program, we would appreciate your pre-recording at least one talk and making it available to the global community in advance.
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