WIAD21 Timeline

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We're hosting Organizer Town-halls!

Taking place Monday and Thursday evenings 7pm CET and ET (UTC-5) from December until February, global executive producers Grace Lau and Andrew Jung will be hosting town-halls/office hours/Q&A every week. The first Town Hall will occur this Thursday, December 10. We'll cover questions about: • global content, keynotes • regional IA roundtable events (pending) • local WIAD21 event hubs (setting up, livestreaming, managing content, etc) • contributing assets (video, slides, etc) to global repository for sharing • donations, sponsorships, dealing with giveaways If you're unable to join the live stream, that's okay! We'll post video recordings of walkthroughs as soon as we can. Join the Townhall hub and check out the resources we've put together: https://vi.to/hubs/wiad21-organizers

Many things are changing in 2021. Here’s an overview of who should be doing what and when. During the highlighted months, we would like to run a global conversation for inspiration and mutual support.

WIAD21 Timeline


Local organizers

Global board

Time frame (focus)

Define event format

On-site, hybrid or digital only?



Provide theme assets (graphics)

Set branding style guide



Local sponsors

Global sponsors, particularly for global platforms


Talks, workshops and other activities

Provide content to use locally and to share globally (pre-recorded talks, streamed activities)

Provide platform for upload and access

Global keynote on theme

  • Decision for platform by beginning of November

  • Coaching of speakers in December

  • Uploading of talks in February (release dates tbd)

Global program

Enter events on platform

Provide platform

  • Platform by beginning of November

  • Data entry by January

Social activities

Determine what suits your location

Create channels on Discord


Inclusive event

Make it accessible to all and try to keep it free



Social Media

Mobilize your community