WIAD 2024

Types of sponsorship

Companies can help support your celebration by donating a product or service where the value is equal or close to the amount of the sponsorship levels you determine – this is called in-kind sponsorship. For example, providing the venue for your celebration is an in-kind sponsorship because the cost of renting the venue would be waived by the sponsor and the value is likely to equal a sponsorship level. Other examples are giveaways from the sponsor to your attendees, like books or pens.
A financial sponsorship, as the name indicates, is when a company or organization provides money toward your celebration. This is different from in-kind because no product or service is being provided; instead, a monetary donation is being made.
When asking for sponsorship you should clearly communicate what you will give the sponsor in return for their donation.
For example, “We would love for our World IA Day event to be held at [location] and, in return, we will promote your company with [X number of tweets, brand recognition, insert other local sponsor benefits here].’