WIAD 2024

About World IA Day, Inc.

World IA Day, Inc., is a nonprofit public charity. Financial contributions made to our organization are tax deductible if the donor files taxes in the US.
The formation of World IA Day, Inc., arose out of necessity. In September of 2019 the IA Institute, our fiscal host, announced their vote to dissolve the organization. As the pass-through bank for several World IA Day locations, the IA Institute bank account held money earmarked for our 2020 celebration. In order to receive those funds, a US-based nonprofit charitable organization (501(c)(3)) needed to be created. Less than a month after the IAI announcement, World IA Day, Inc. became a legal entity. We received our tax-exempt status and are now eligible to receive all funds held by the IA Institute.
Our mission remains strong. World IA Day exists to grow awareness of the discipline of information architecture while promoting social responsibility among practitioners.
Our founding board is working to create the scaffolding for a more globally focused, fiscally transparent organization. Keep an eye on the Medium publication and our World IA Day community on Discord.
We believe building this community together is the best approach.