FAQs about money, insurance, and non-profit status

Do I need a bank account? How should I handle funds?

The short answer: No, you don't need a bank account. See Accepting money from sponsors

The long answer: Some locations have set up separate personal bank accounts to handle event funds. A few have created business accounts where World IA Day in their location is a recognized business entity.

Will my location receive seed money to start my event?

No. Unfortunately, World IA Day is not in a financial position to provide any seed funds to help start your event.

Each WIAD location is fully planned and designed independently by volunteers in that community. It is up to the volunteer committee to raise funds, find sponsorship to support the event and build support from the local community organizations, businesses, and individuals.

What if I have leftover funds? What should I do? Can I expect to have access to this for next year's WIAD event?

The short answer: Yes. Leftover funds can be marked for the following year's local World IA Day event. If there is no designated local organizer for the next year, leftover funds will be turned over the WIAD emergency grant.

Contact the WIAD treasurer / development officer [email protected] if you have a special situation or have any questions.

Could I get an invoice for my sponsor?

Yes, of course. Contact the WIAD treasurer / development officer [email protected]

Is World IA Day a non-profit? Would I be able to do a tax write-off for monetary donations?

World IA Day is currently being set up at a 501c(3) tax-exempt charitable US organization. It has not yet been approved. For the most recent status, please be sure to #ask-global-team.

Changes for 2020

We are pursuing making World IA Day a charitable organization (a 501c3 designation in the US). This designation would qualify World IA Day for discounts on software tools. It will also give US-based sponsors a tax benefit which make donations more attractive.

Do we have W-9?

Yes, you may find our most recent W-9 on Google Drive.

Do we have event insurance?

If you are required to carry venue insurance, World IA Day is not able to secure this for you. Each location will have to obtain their own event insurance as each country, state, city, and/or venue have their varying requirements.

Here are some resources where you may be able to obtain event insurance:

Note that these are requirements that some spaces in the US and Canada may require. Please check with your venue point of contact if you need this.

Have more questions?

Reach out to [email protected] or #ask-global-team