WIAD 2024
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Get in touch with other local organizers on Discord
Starting in 2020, World IA Day has an active Discord server.

Log in on Discord

Login Screen for Discord
If this is your first time on Discord, you'll be prompted with a few login options.
  1. 1.
    Login with email/phone number and password
  2. 2.
    Login with QR Code
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If this is your first time ever on Discord, use the Register link below the Login button.

Channel overview

As a regular server member, you have access to two categories of channels: 1) Information 2) Social.

But, there's a hidden world for organizers!

Visit the #sorting channel to get access to the organizer channels.
If you visit the #sorting channel, you can be assigned one of various server roles that gives you exclusive access to the local-planning channels. React to the message with 1 (organizers), 2 (local event volunteer), or 3 (organizer alumni) and you'll see the following channels:
  • local planning
  • local-finances
  • templates
  • event-accessibility
  • vito-event-platform
If you need to reach the global board, you can @ mention any of the global board members for assistance.