Reach out to sponsors

Finalize your sponsor prospectus and get ready to reach out to your target list. Here are a few suggestions:

  1. Be judicious about how many companies you are approaching and keep your team updated. This is important so that you can determine whether you need to make modifications to your strategy and be sure your team knows what is going on with your campaign.

  2. Call the sponsor contact and let them know how excited you are about celebrating World IA Day in your location. Mention how their organization could benefit by becoming a sponsor. Ask them about their business goals and tell them you would like to send them the sponsorship prospectus.

  3. Write a personal email leveraging the script you created as part of your sponsorship strategy. Ask for feedback about which level interests them the most. Communicate a date that you would like to hear from them (perhaps 1 week, but this is up to you). Consider offering a discount if they make their donation before a specific date.

  4. Don’t forget to attach the sponsor prospectus you created for your location.

Sponsorship prospectus (examples)

Get inspired by some of these examples shared by other organizers.

WIAD15 Tampa Bay
WIAD16 San Francisco